Looks like Microsoft's slow reveal of its new "touchy" and "flat" device has been spoiled by a trigger-happy German retailer. Even though no official announcement has been made, notebooksbilliger.de prematurely listed – and promptly pulled – the Arc Touch Mouse on its site, complete with details and images of the device itself.

The unconventional looking mouse sports touch-based scrolling, replacing the scroll wheel with a sensor running between the buttons, and like a traditional mouse it can glide over flat surfaces using BlueTrack technology. As its name implies, the device has an arching palm rest to comfortably fit your hand, but the real kicker is that it can also flatten out for easier transportation. There's also a battery level indicatior and ultra-compact nano-transceiver for 2.4GHz wireless connectivity that disappears when not in use in the battery compartment.

The listing showed a release date of October 13 priced at €69.99, which is in line with what Apple is asking for the Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse in Germany. According to Engadget, U.S. pricing is expected to be $69.95.