After a less than stellar debut of the Fermi architecture Nvidia finally won us over in the $200 price segment with the GF104-based Geforce GTX 460 graphics card. We've heard a flurry of rumors about lower-end (read: more affordable) derivatives for quite a while, and now, Fudzilla brings word of the latest rumored addition to the lineup: the GeForce GT 430.

The new card will reportedly arrive "in a few weeks" featuring a 700MHz core clock speed, a 900MHz memory clock, and a 128-bit memory interface. Although the number shaders is not mentioned, the GT 430 is most likely to be based on the GF108 graphics core, which is believed to sport 96 shader processors and should be targeted at the sub-$100 market. That said, Fudzilla is still trying to find out whether the card will be a retail product or an "OEM only" card available in pre-built PCs.

Other products reportedly in the pipeline include a 512 SP card based on the original GF100 core, as well as the GTS 450, 440, and 445 cards powered by the mainstream GF106 chip, with the GTS 450 expected to arrive in mid-September.