Dell has reclaimed the number two position in global PC shipments, bumping Acer back to third place, according to iSuppli. The Taiwanese manufacturer suffered a sales setback during the second quarter of this year that cut shipments by 6.2% sequentially from 10.9 million units to 10.2 million. Dell also witnessed a decline, though not as drastic. Sales fell 1.2% from 10.7 million PCs to 10.5 million, leaving it with 12.8% of the market next to Acer's 12.4%.

"With its product line heavily focused on mobile PCs, Acer's sequential decline in notebook shipments impacted its position at the total PC level more than its competitors, which were able to draw on the upswing in desktop shipments to bolster their total shipments," said the research firm. "The second-quarter results show the market-share battle between Dell and Acer is not over and that it will continue to rage."

Rank OEM Q2 2010 Q2 Share Quarterly Change Yearly Change
1 HP 14.96m 18.1% -6.3% 11.4%
2 Dell 10.54m 12.8% -1.2% 16.7%
3 Acer 10.19m 12.4% -6.2% 24.2%
4 Lenovo 8.33m 10.1% 18.6% 47.5%
5 Toshiba 4.46m 5.4% -2.6% 34.5%
  Others 34.02m 41.2% 4.7% 23.4%
  Total 82.5m 100% 1.1% 22.8%

Although both companies experienced a decline from the prior quarter, numbers are up year-over-year. Dell shipped 16.7% more machines in the second quarter of 2010 than it did in 2009, while Acer topped that growth with a 24.2% increase. HP (the market leader) grew by 11.4%, Lenovo exploded by 47.5%, and Toshiba moved 34.5% more units. The overall market expanded by 22.8%.