Microsoft has announced it will release a special edition Xbox 360 bundle this November packaging the company's long-awaited Kinect motion-sensing device with a copy of Kinect Adventures, a spare controller, and the 250GB version of its console for $399. Naturally, the console will be the new Slim model which finally includes built-in Wi-Fi capabilities and uses a 45nm SoC called "Vejle" that draws less power and produces less heat than the original 90nm CPU/GPU combo.

Microsoft is also releasing a bundle, announced last month, featuring Kinect Adventures and the Arcade version of the console with a much smaller 4GB hard drive for $299. Those who already own an Xbox 360 can also get the Kinect camera add-on in its standalone version when it hits U.S. stores November 4. Microsoft said in its statement announcing the new bundle that they will reveal more Kinect games at next week's Tokyo Game Show.