Toshiba has updated four of its laptops to include a built-in WiMAX modem. The 13.3-inch Portege R705, 14-inch Satellite M645 and E205, as well as the 16-inch Satellite A665 will all be available with integrated 4G connectivity. WiMAX is currently accessible in more than 50 major US cities with rollouts underway in New York and San Francisco.

Besides getting a 4G modem, the systems remain unchanged – though, pricing has increased slightly on at least one unit. The Satellite A665 has moved from $799.99 to $804.99, while the Portege R705 starts at $899.99 and the Satellite M645/E205 are $759.99 and $1,079.99. All four WiMAX-equipped models should be available on September 26.

That date will also see the arrival of an upgraded Qosmio X500. Toshiba has dropped the Nvidia GeForce GTX 360M in favor of the newer 460M. The 18.4-inch machine will start at $1,300 via Amazon or ToshibaDirect, featuring a Core i5 or i7 processor, SSD storage options, a Blu-ray player, up to 8GB of RAM, and an LED-backlit keyboard.