You know, power supplies don't get the attention they deserve. PSUs sit dutifully behind the curtain bringing the whole show to life while processors and graphics cards hog the spotlight. There's a simple reason they're so overlooked in the enthusiast community, and I think we all know what it is: they're boring. In fact, that's why we tend to avoid reviewing power supplies. That being the case, we think it's about time to pay our respects.

In this edition of our Weekend Open Forum, we want to know what wattage your power supply is rated for. You can brag about your specific model in the comments if you want to, but we've embedded a poll after the jump with a number of options broken down by 100W increments. Feel free to say a few kind words about the unglamorous, yet faithful metal box that fuels your machine for weeks at a clip, or just bow your head in a moment of silence.