Samsung has made a post on the Samsung Mobile Innovator site and sent an e-mail to registered Symbian developers advising them that Symbian is going away. The last Symbian handset from Samsung, the Omnia HD, was released in 2009. Nokia, easily the biggest Symbian supporter, just started shipping its last Symbian device: the Nokia N8.

The developer lab will be closing its doors on October 29, 2010 while the Symbian forum and remaining Symbian content (such as Symbian apps being certified for distribution on the Samsung Apps store) will go away by December 31, 2010. The deadline for all outstanding questions is December 10, 2010. This means that Samsung is now a member of Symbian Foundation in name only, much like Sony Ericsson. The electronics giant says its plans for the Bada and Android operating systems are unchanged.

Next up for Samsung? Windows Phone 7. The company today announced the completion of an agreement for a long term commitment to use the Windows Phone 7 platform and related application software as a key component of its smartphone portfolio. Samsung says it plans to launch several models based on Windows Phone 7 this year in the US, Europe, and Asia.

"The addition of Windows Phone 7 smartphones to Samsung's smartphone portfolio is a significant milestone for us," WP Hong, Executive Vice President and Head of Product Strategy Team, said in a statement. "Samsung's new Windows Phone 7 based smartphones will play a key role to reinforce Samsung's leadership in smartphone market. The new Windows Phone 7 smartphones will provide an unparalleled entertainment experience on the go."