Nvidia is expected to launch its GF110-based GeForce GTX 580 sometime before the end of the year (late November or early December). The Fermi-based graphics chipset will perform 20 percent faster than the current GeForce GTX 480, according to sources from graphics card makers quoted by DigiTimes.

Following the GF110, Nvidia will gradually unveil its GF112, GF114, and GF119 architectures in 2011. The three will be positioned positions similar to the company's GF104, GF106, and GF108 lines, respectively. Naturally, all of these are still DirectX 11 cards. 28nm Kepler GPUs are slated to arrive by the end of 2011. Nvidia is also currently developing Maxwell, Kepler's successor, but we won't see it before 2012.

The rumors are closely tied to a recently leaked roadmap, courtesy of 4Gamer. Most of the leaked performance improvements are attributed to a huge leap in the number of texture units: from 60 in the GTX 480 to 128 in the GTX 580. The specification claims are as follows: GF110/768 cores/512bit GDDR5, GF112/384 cores/320bit GDDR5, and GF119/96 cores/64bit DDR3. The GF112 is noticeably missing from the purported roadmap.