HTC has been an important partner for Microsoft in the mobile space, but nobody is perfect. For example, saying that Windows Phone 7 is similar to AOL is probably not an image the software giant wants people to remember.

"I would say that for somebody just getting into the smartphone space, the Windows Phone 7 platform because it's pretty simple," said at the Open Mobile Summit, according to PC Mag. "So it's almost an AOL-type approach. And Android is very open - where here's the Internet; I don't want that AOL home page, I want the Google home page. So, you know for somebody going from featurephones to the smartphone for the first time, Windows Phone 7 is great."

When looking at his statement in context, MacKenzie clearly meant to make a favorable comparison. When asked about what Windows Phone 7 did better than Android, he didn't draw a blank. "I would say that for right now, a customer interested in gaming," MacKenzie replied. "The gaming experience is very rich with what they've integrated they've with the Xbox; music, the music experience is very good with what they've integrated into Zune." That's a very positive statement, especially considering that HTC offers many Android phones.

Nevertheless, AOL has a very poor image on the Internet and many consumers will see HTC's quote out of context and think even less of Windows Phone 7. Add to the fact that sales have not been phenomenal and Microsoft needs to stay on top of things to make sure the image of its mobile OS isn't tarnished from the start.