Over on the official Windows Video YouTube channel, the latest commercial from Microsoft is actually worth watching, even if it doesn't attack Apple. The ad is titled "The Future of Technology – Windows 7 + Windows Live" and is receiving quite a bit of praise on the Internet.

The 127 second ad gets its point across very well: Windows 7 and Windows Live are easy to use. Unlike most advertisements, it actually shows the software in action on several devices, including an ASUS laptop with the LifeCam Studio 1080p webcam, the Windows Phone 7-powered Samsung Omnia HD, and a Pegatron MasterPad tablet computer.

While the ad is certainly well executed, it is not unique. The palindrome poem concept has been around for ages, and advertisers use it every once in a while when length isn't an issue. If you want to see other ads like this one, check out these: one, two, and three.