Microsoft has announced a new program that allows Xbox Live users to earn Microsoft Points by doing certain tasks via Xbox Live Rewards. Gamers can earn points, which the software giant has named as the main currency on the Xbox 360 network, for renewing their Xbox Live Gold memberships, purchasing Xbox Live Marketplace items, using the Netflix app on Xbox, taking surveys, participating in promotions, and so on.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Connect your Xbox 360: think you should be recognized for your time and dedication? We do. Sign up for Xbox Live and start getting back what you put in.
  2. Join Xbox Live Rewards: It's easy, quick, and free. Join now and watch your rewards multiply - just by doing the things you already do on Xbox Live!
  3. Reap the benefits: Memership has privileges. As an Xbox Live Gold member, you get more. So stay Gold, use Xbox Live and reap in the benefits.

Many of the rewards are aimed at new users, meaning Microsoft's goal is get more users to enroll in Xbox Live, though keeping current users hooked is probably still part of the strategy. The biggest payouts come from staying enrolled.

It took Microsoft quite some time to launch the loyalty rewards program. Just last week, the Xbox 360 console turned five years old.