Lian Li has updated its Tyr PC-X500 premium-grade chassis to include various features that reviewers and fans requested when the product launched back in 2008. Answering criticism, the company has added a side panel window to show off the PC-X500FX's all-black interior paint job. The new version can hold one more expansion card for a total of eight and supports six internal 3.5-inch drives (two more than the original). That space isn't conjured up out of thin air mind you, the PC-X500FX loses its external 3.5-inch bay, but you probably don't use it anyway. Cooling has been upgraded from four 120mm fans split between the front and back to three 140mm and two 120mm fans. USB 3.0 has also been considered in the revision, with all four USB 2.0 ports on the top-mounted front panel upgraded to the latest interface specification.

Although the Tyr PC-X500FX is the size of a mid-tower chassis, Lian Li says it has the features you'd expect from a full-tower solution. For instance, there's enough clearance for graphics cards measuring up to 315mm long and power supplies up to 215mm or 280mm with an expansion rack. Other highlights include a tool-less design for your hard drives, power supply, and expansion cards, side-mounted 5.25-inch bays, liquid cooling holes, fan filters, a fan speed controller, a locking side panel, motherboard thumbscrews and more. The PC-X500FX should ship this month for $499.