[Weekend Open Forum] Earlier this week I was talking to one of our web developers about the software tools we use on a regular basis and were also discussing the kind of software we usually feel compelled to buy and the reasoning for doing so or not.

I think it was relevant to the discussion that he's a Mac user. I suggested that Mac users in general seem to be more willing to pay for software than the average Windows user and as result there are a variety of utilities, even the most simplistic of them, that go for a few bucks on the Mac while on the PC there appears to be a wider array of freeware and open source titles that can cater to one's needs.

Now we know for a fact that Windows users represent a majority of TechSpot readers. So here's the question: What kind of software have you bought in the past, and what type of software or services you are more willing to spend money on?

We have opened a poll to make your collective opinion easier to follow, you can choose up to five software categories. Please also comment on the specific titles you like the most and the ones you have actually bought, so that the discussion becomes more interesting as more of you drop in to voice your preferences.