The latest Consumer Electronics Show saw the largest turnout in three years with some 140,000 attendees, according to the event organizers. That figure exceeded expectations as the conference estimated that 126,000 people would hit the show floor this year, which would have matched last year's number of conference-goers. CES 2011's attendance was also greatly higher than 2009's 113,085 headcount, and it nearly matched 2008's 141,150-strong presence.

Along with the attendance numbers, organizers have announced the official show dates for 2012. The event traditionally begins about one week after New Year's Day, with pre-show keynotes and media events taking place even earlier. That doesn't give much breathing room between the holidays, so the official start date has been pushed back a few days. The 2012 conference will run from January 10 to 13, and as with prior years, it will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada.