Deutsche Telekom, the largest telecommunications company in Europe, has come out and voiced its thoughts on Windows Phone 7. The statements are in stark contrast to the negative comments made by LG last week.

Ingo Hofacker, Head of Consumer Marketing at Deutsche Telekom, told the Deutschland version of Yahoo News (via WMPoweruser) that Windows Phone 7 handsets sold by the company were in fact selling excellently. He said that the company was ahead of ahead of budget and that Microsoft was very pleased.

Deutsche Telekom used to be the carrier with iPhone exclusivity in Germany. The carrier is currently selling two Windows Phone 7 devices: the Samsung Omnia 7 and the HTC Mozart.

In slightly related news, Sony Ericsson is reportedly showing interest in Windows Phone 7. This has been rumored for a long time, but while Sony partners with Microsoft in many areas, it is more of a competitor in the entertainment side of the market, and we have yet to see any confirmation that the OEM would go with the software giant's latest mobile OS. Windows Phone 7 devices are reportedly in the in the 2011 pipeline for the company, however, according to sources from Taiwan-based handset makers cited by DigiTimes.