Despite recent problems with its 6 Series chipset Intel is moving full steam ahead with the rollout of new Sandy Bridge processors. The dual-core, four-thread mobile variants in the Core i3, i5, and i7 families will launch on February 20 using between 17 and 35 watts of power while running at speeds up to 2.7GHz, according to the chip maker's website.

Specifically the lineup includes the 35W Core i5 2540M and 2520M, which will clock in at 2.6GHz and 2.5GHz, respectively. There's a low-power 17W Core i5 2537M clocked at 1.40GHz and a pair of embedded CPUs clocked at 2.5GHz due to be released on the same day. The company will also ship seven Core i7 microprocessors, with a range topping Core i7 2620M running at 2.7GHz, and the Core i3 2310E clocked at 2.1GHz, both with a 35W TDP.

In terms of feature set the Core i7 variants come with 4MB cache and Turbo Boost support. Core i5 models slightly reduce the amount of cache to 3MB while at the end of the scale the Core i3 also drops Intel's Turbo Boost.

On the desktop side of things there are three new chips in the Core i3 family scheduled to debut. These include the 3.3GHz 2120 and 3.1GHz 2100, both featuring a 65W thermal-envelope, and the low-power 2.5GHz 2100T consuming just 35W. Again, the Core i3 parts won't support Turbo Boost and these three chips in particular are limited to just 3MB total cache compared to others in the Core i3 desktop lineup that feature 4MB.