HEXUS.NET has this little morcel of clarity to share with us:

"There has been an increasing number of reports which have stated 'NVIDIA are to dump the FX Ultra' or the 'FX Ultra will never reach retail', we have reason to believe that some of these are right and some are wrong. The NVIDIA FX Ultra GPU has been apparently (according to certain partners) been made in a quantity of 10,000 units. NOT the 100,000 units which we heard originally, the GPU will be put on to boards made by Flextronics, this is of course the initial run. These boards have been allocated to 8 out of the 12 partners. These cards will then be sold via online stores/pre order thus never physically hitting the retail shelves.

At the moment it is unclear if NVIDIA will continue with FX Ultra production but it will be doing an initial run. This is an interesting run for NVIDIA since the FX Ultra is technically late to market. ATI have their new flagship R350 coming out soon, and NVIDIA are working on the much discussed NV31/4/5 which should be out in the following months.

Whatever is going to happen, it is going to be an interesting one. No one can be sure apart from the top people at NVIDIA. Until he decides or until we recieve his message it is all pure speculation."