On an episode of GT.TV last week, Reginald "Reggie" Fils-Aime, president and COO of Nintendo of America, made a few interesting statements in regards to the mobile gaming industry. Nintendo is struggling to fight off competition in the casual mobile gaming space from companies like Apple and Google as inexpensive games from iOS and Android become more popular.

"I actually think one of the biggest risks today in our gaming industry are these inexpensive games that are candidly disposable from a consumer's standpoint," Fils-Aime aim declared after discussing one of the cheaper-looking games coming for the 3DS.

When the interviewer, Geoff Keighley, pointed to Angry Birds, Fils-Aime brushed it off as an exception. "Angry Birds is a great piece of experience but that is one compared to thousands of other pieces of content that for one or two dollars I think actually create a mentality for the consumer that a piece of gaming content should only be $2," he said.

Keighley then asked if the Nintendo exec was implying that mobile game developers are underpricing their content. "I actually think some of those games are overpriced at one or two dollars, but that's a whole different story," Fils-Aime concluded.