TechSpot's mobile site is making its debut today with a feature-packed and yet lightweight design that especially caters to users on the go. The mobile site integrates all our main sections including news, reviews, guides and the forum, with full commenting capabilities. TechSpot Mobile can be accessed at:

If you were already reading TechSpot from your smartphone, I can assure you, you will love the new TS Mobile. According to our internal stats, last month over 100,000 pages were served to mobile devices. Needless to be said, it was about time we came up with a solution that worked so much better for reading on handheld devices.

Our front-end developer, Mario Estrada was hard at work putting the site together over the past few weeks, and the end result is a beautifully crafted mobile-friendly website. In fact, an eventual next step will be to revamp certain elements on the desktop site inspired on what we built for the mobile version.

TechSpot Mobile is better suited for modern devices running Apple's iOS, Google's Android and (assumingly) Windows Phone 7 operating systems. We know for a fact it won't work well on Blackberrys or Nokia phones with old-gen browsers. As the first public version of the site, it's quite possible bugs will arise, we appreciate your feedback and help for getting those corrected.

Take the new TechSpot mobile site for a spin and let us know what you think.