The counter at [URL=]Futuremark's homepage[/URL] has reached zero.

This means that 3DMark 2003 has been officially released!

It's a hefty 177mb download though so modem users beware. (That includes me then BTW)

If you happen to find alternate download sites be sure to [URL=]post them right here[/URL]! (Futuremark's servers seems quite taxed now.)

UPDATE: [H]ard|OCP has [URL=]posted a review[/URL] of 3DMark 2003, a very good read IMHO.

Read it to find out their conclusion on this question:
[COLOR=royalblue]Is 3DMark03 really a good indication of what “Real World” gaming is? Is 3DMark03 really "forward looking"?[/COLOR]