According to The Reg, NTL customers in the UK who could be effected by a possible download cap from their service provider, NTL, have been taking the whole prospect really rather badly. In case you didn't know, NTL provides an "all-in-one" package covering telephone, cable TV and cable modem connection at a variety of bandwidths.

"Angry NTL customers are trying to drum up support for a public demonstration of defiance against the cableco following its decision to cap its broadband service.

Some are calling for a "mass cancellation" of their service on Valentine's Day (this Friday) while others want to use the day simply to disconnect from the service in a bid to register their dissatisfaction. "
Now, I am an NTL customer, and so far, a happy one. Otherwise I would switch to ASDL. I don't download anything like 1GB a day, generally, but if I want to then I should be able to. I pay the £25 per month or whatever to download as much as I like, using the bandwidth that I have paid for. Hacking your cable modem so that it breaks the bandwidth cap and so forth is wrong. Its stealing. But using the bandwidth I have paid for to the best of its capabilities isn't. Stop me from doing so, and you are stealing from me.

If that level of activity is detrimental to NTL's cable modem service overall, then they need to upgrade their networking infrastructure. They have to improve the technology used in their service to reflect the increasing number of users.

"It's clear that NTL has badly misjudged opposition to this move. "

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