It's been a lousy few months for Sony with all the PS3 hacking controversy, followed by a lawsuit that triggered a backlash from a group of gamers. Then the recent security breach on the PlayStation Network, which resulted in some sensitive user data being compromised and forced the company to take the service down.

Apple for its part was recently met with intense criticism after a report emerged last week claiming iPhones are quietly recording users' locations and saving the data to unencrypted files. It didn't take long for Google and other mobile players to start being scrutinized as well.

We hear stories like these all the time in the tech industry, sometimes unwarranted or blown out of proportion, and sometimes you just have to stop and wonder: "What were they thinking?"

In the spirit of those awful moments we ask you: which is in your opinion the most 'evil' tech company? In the poll below we've included a few that sprung to mind due to recent controversies, from anti-competitive business practices to privacy issues, peddling unfinished or buggy products, DRM-ridden software or simply a lack of tact when dealing with customers. You can check up to three and of course use the comments for the ones we missed.