Chipmakers Intel and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) recently announced [URL=]price cuts[/URL] on their processor lines for desktops and servers/workstations, with discounts reaching as high as 21% for Intel and 31.8% for AMD.

If you were planning on investing in a new CPU you may want to wait a couple of days until prices settle and get a better price. With the price cuts in mind, I would say the best value can be got from the [URL=]P4 2.53GHz[/URL] and AthlonXPs [URL=]2700+[/URL] & [URL=]2400+[/URL].

I certainly miss the AMD bandwagon somewhat after I switched to a Pentium 4 a couple of months ago, in the other hand, both Thomas and Derek (P66) are enjoying their new shining XP CPUs ;).