When shopping for a new laptop one of the main factors to consider is size. Whether you want a gaming powerhouse that will only move from your desk occasionally, something that hits the sweet spot between performance and portability, or simply the thinnest and lightest you can find regardless of the compromise in power and disk space.

Your preference will likely vary depending if it's going to be your primary machine or not. For example, a 11-inch netbook might be all you need for occasionally going online and taking on short trips, knowing that a powerful desktop and large monitor await at your desk when it's time for more serious computing tasks. For me 13-inch has turned out to be the sweet spot, as it gives me enough screen real estate to get some work done but it's still easy to carry around.

What about you: What's the ideal laptop size? You can cast your vote on the poll below but we'd also like to read your thoughts in the comments. Is portability more important than power for you when it comes to laptops? By the way, that monster up there is the Maingear Titan 17 we're currently testing next to the ThinkPad X1 we reviewed last month.