There is plenty to choose from on TV right now (or your favorite streaming service): scripted or reality, linear or episodic, entertaining or provocative, and so on. Although there's no denying that a lot of it is rubbish, there are some gems truly worth watching. I often exchange recommendations with like-minded friends on good shows to watch and thought it would make for a good topic in this Weekend Open Forum.

My list is relatively short considering not all of them are airing right now. So, to get the thread started here are the shows I'm currently following: Dexter, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, How I Met Your Mother and Mad Men. They're in no particular order but if I had to choose a couple of favorites I'd go with Game of Thrones and Mad Men, since I love the storytelling and depiction of their respective worlds.

What about you: what shows are you keeping up with right now? Is there a new TV show coming up that you're really anticipating? What type of shows do you like in general? Also, feel free to mention other favorite shows that may no longer be airing or that you don't miss each time they pop up in syndication.