According to internal documents seen by [URL=]the Inq[/URL], the combination of an AMD Barton and Nvidia's Nforce 2 could beat Intel 3GHz+ Pentium 4 processors by a considerable margin, with or without hyperthreading. In fact, AMD is expecting this margin to be as large as 25% using a selected set of benchmarks.

The same document revealed a considerable performance difference between nForce2 based boards and VIA KT400 series... in the meantine however, both VIA and SiS are said to be ready for delivering [URL=]400MHz FSB chipsets[/URL] to the market when the Barton arrives.

[COLOR=royalblue]Following the recent launch of its K7-based KT400A chipset, VIA is planning to release one more product, the KT600, for the AMD platform in May. According to sources, the KT600 (codenamed KT400A-CE) is pin-to-pin compatible with the KT400A (codenamed KT400A-CD), but is designed to support a 400MHz FSB. The KT400A only supports a 333MHz FSB.[/COLOR]