NimbleTV is a cloud-based television delivery system that aims to satisfy the “TV Everywhere” initiative developed by Comcast and Time Warner nearly three years ago. The new service promises to put your cable or satellite programming online with a few additional perks for a nominal fee.

NimbleTV will work with your existing television package, allowing you to view live television online from any device, anywhere in the world (Internet connection pending, of course). Users will be able to view content on their smartphone, tablet, PC or even a connected TV.

What’s more, NimbleTV promises multiple simultaneous recordings and unlimited space so you can record anything you want. The service won’t require any additional hardware, setup or start-up costs and there will not be any delays or restrictions on viewing.

One of the more appealing features of the service is the ability to sign up for a cable or satellite package from any country. NimbleTV will handle the process on your behalf and stream the channels to you directly. This could be particularly useful if, for example, you are a big sports fan but don’t have access to live games in a particular country.

As the Atlantic Wire highlights, however, the new service still doesn’t address what consumers really want – a la carte Internet channels. With NimbleTV, users still have to purchase a cable or satellite package that likely has a number of channels they have no desire to watch. Until the industry delivers exactly what the consumer wants like the music industry did, the publication says that people will continue to seek content online illegally – aka, for free.

NimbleTV will be conducting a beta test of the service in New York City where they will stream 26 networks. No word yet on when the service will be available to everyone.