LG hoped to steal some of the attention directed at Samsung by teasing the newest member of its Optimus lineup on the same day the Galaxy S III was announced. Although the latter still managed to hog the entire mobile spotlight, the new LG Optimus LTE2 looks like it could give Samsung a good run for its money.

Starting off with the design and build quality, the Optimus LTE2 features a glass and metal casing, rather than the glossy plastic exterior of the Galaxy series. It also comes with 2GB of RAM, a first for any smartphone, as well as a TrueHD IPS display using a standard RGBG subpixel layout that's expected to outclass the PenTile RGBG layout used by Samsung in the Galaxy S III. Other features include wireless charging with a separate dock, 4G LTE connectivity, a large 2150 mAh battery and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Unfortunately, processor and screen size/resolution are two key specs that still remain under wraps, but taking into account what's been revealed so far we can probably expect them to be top of the line as well.

The LG Optimus LTE2 should arrive in South Korea sometime in the middle of this month and will be available on at least three leading Korean mobile carriers for a yet undisclosed price point. There was no mention of when LG's new flagship smartphone will hit the US and other major markets.