Several clues are indicating that Apple’s updated MacBook Pro and iMac could be just around the corner. Perhaps the most compelling hints are a couple of benchmark scores recently uploaded to Geekbench that show two unidentified Apple systems utilizing Intel Ivy Bridge processors.

The first system in question is listed as a “MacBookPro9,1” and is powered by a quad-core Core i7-3820QM operating at 2.70GHz with an overall score of 12252. As Apple Live Blog highlights, this is around 17 percent better than the current-generation 15-inch or 17-inch MacBook Pro.

The second mystery system is an “iMac13,2” that’s packing a quad-core Core i7-3770 clocked at 3.40GHz. This system posted a Geekbench score of 12183 which isn’t that great because the system is limited to only 4GB of memory. If you compare only the CPU scores, you’re left with a processor that’s roughly nine percent faster than an existing iMac with a Core i7-2600 running at the same 3.40GHz.

Furthermore, 9to5Mac has received information from “trusted sources” in the Apple supply chain that claim to have handled prototype components. The publication reports that the new 15-inch MacBook Pro will feature an ultra-thin design, a Retina Display and USB 3.0. There’s also reference to the Nvidia GeForce GT 650M GPU in OS X beta code, but that can’t be “confirmed” yet because Apple is supposedly testing multiple graphics chipsets with the new MacBook Pro.

All of this will be coming this summer, the site says. We could very well get our first glimpse of these new systems at WWDC next month.