AMD is doing away with their monthly Catalyst driver updates in favor of a more traditional release strategy. Starting with driver release 12.6, the company is now planning to only issue driver updates when there is a significant performance boost to be had or when a new game is released that requires a revision to obtain the best possible experience.

The idea behind the change of plans seems to be only to trouble users with updates when it’s necessary. The current scheme of a new driver every month can sometimes mean that an update is available even if it only addresses minor issues. By the same token, however, it gives them the flexibility to issue multiple updates in a single month if the need arises.

PC Perspective feels that AMD is making a mistake by keeping the same year.month naming scheme going forward. For example, 12.6 would represent the sixth month in 2012. This is all fine and dandy until they end up having to release multiple updates in a single month. Then what, 12.61, 12.62, etc.? The publication feels that since they are moving away from the monthly update that they should also ditch the related naming scheme and move to something that makes more sense.

During a phone chat with AMD, the editor asked if this restructured release schedule meant that AMD was cutting back on resources for the Catalyst team. He was told that this was not the case and if anything, they are increasing the driver staff.

Do you agree with this new driver strategy or would you rather continue receiving updates in monthly installments?