Gaikai's cloud gaming service is already available on several platforms including Facebook and LG televisions but they can soon add another client to their list: Samsung. Starting later this summer, Samsung Series 7000 units and Smart TVs will get the cloud gaming treatment as part of a service called Samsung Cloud Gaming.

Engadget points out that a deal between the two companies has been in the works for nine months now. The service will essentially use the same technology that's used to deliver the service to LG sets but the South Korean company will customize the experience with their own user interface.

Gaikai CEO David Perry told the publication that Samsung had always been in their sights since they are the largest electronics manufacturer on the planet. He also outlined the basics of the deal which will see Samsung purchase dedicated bandwidth from the gaming provider on a per-device basis. Gaikai will be responsible for handling traffic as the service becomes more widely adopted and additional bandwidth is required.

The service is very similar to OnLive where all of the rendering for a particular game takes place on remote servers and is delivered via the Internet to the user's device without the need for any console or extra wires.

Venture Beat notes that any universal USB gaming controller should work with Samsung Cloud Gaming. Samsung reportedly already has 37 publishers on board. You can check out Gaikai's website for a list of games that are already offered on other platforms.