Research in Motion dropped yet another bombshell during last week's earnings call by announcing the delay of BlackBerry 10 OS until the first quarter of 2013. In the interim, BlackBerryOS has acquired a leaked hardware roadmap that gives us a pretty solid idea of when we can expect to see BB 10 mobile devices next year and the form factor they will take.

Before we jump into next year, however, the roadmap suggests we can expect to see a BlackBerry PlayBook 4G launched in Q4 2012, likely in time for the holiday buying season. Of course, this device pre-dates the BB 10 launch so we don't expect much more than a simple hardware upgrade for RIM's tablet.

Q1 2013 will bring the launch of BB 10 and the first full-touchscreen BlackBerry device, the BlackBerry London / L-series device. Following shortly after or perhaps even at the same media event is the BlackBerry Nevada / N-series, a full QWERTY handset.

A new tablet codenamed Blackforest [128] is slated (no pun intended) for Q3 2013. Details on this tablet are unknown but if the roadmap icons are drawn even remotely to scale, we could perhaps assume that this tablet is either larger or has a slightly different aspect ratio. Also, the [128] could be a reference to the amount of internal flash storage on board, but all of this is pure speculation at this point. Could this be the long-rumored 10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook that many thought had been scrapped?