For the past couple of weeks, the Internet has been debating the reasoning why Microsoft would dump its "Metro" branding for the Windows 8 user interface. The company could be changing the UI branding to "modern", although Microsoft has yet to officially confirm this. Even with the changes in the UI name, it's clear that the interface design has some fans, including some in Neowin's community.

Neowin community member honolulu110 recently posted his own concept of how "Metro" could be used in the File Explorer portion of Windows 8. The result is pretty astonishing. The first image shows how his concept would work with File Explorer Libraries.

honolulu110 showed how the File Explorer UI could have its color changed, moving from purple to red.

Finally, he showed a Metro File Explorer made in the style of the recently announced Office 2013.

Not to be outdone, a second Neowin forum member Hubert Nguyen posted his own concept for a Metro Windows 8 File Explorer. His design has the main menu elements on the left side, as opposed to having them on top of the File Explorer UI. He added, "I know the icons aren't metro yet, but trust me, metro icons look horrible when I try to use them for this concept."

Source: Neowin, Neowin Forums

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