Asus gave a first peek at their upcoming Windows 8 and RT tablets during Computex 2012 earlier this year – back then known as the Asus Tablet 600 and Asus Tablet 810. Now, the company is back with more details as well as the official branding for the devices: the Vivo Tab and Vivo Tab RT.

Similar to their Transformer line of Android tablets, the Vivo Tab and Vivo Tab RT devices feature docking stations that let you use the tablets like laptops, with a full QWERTY keyboard, trackpad, two USB ports for peripherals or storage and a second battery to get a few extra hours of runtime.

The Vivo Tab is based on Intel's 32nm Clover Trail Atom platform. Asus didn't reveal a specific SoC model but said it will be paired with 2GB of memory and an on-board 64GB eMMC device for storage. The tablet features an 11.6-inch Super IPS+ display with a 1366 x 768 resolution and support for 10-point multitouch. There's also an included stylus and Wacom digitizer that supports 1024 levels of  pressure sensitivity.

Other features include a 2MP front-facing camera, an 8MP rear camera, and near field communication (NFC) technlogy. Overall the Vivo Tab measures 0.34 inches thick and weighs just under 1.5 pounds.

The Vivo Tab RT is slightly smaller and lighter at 0.33 inches thick and 1.1 pounds. It features a 10.1-inch IPS display with a 1,366 x 768 resolution, and runs an Nvidia Tegra 3 processor with 12 GPU cores. There's the same 2GB of RAM, cameras and NFC support found in the Vivo Tab, but just 32GB of storage.

The latter will run Microsoft's Windows RT operating system, which is basically Windows 8 for devices with ARM-based chips. That means it won't be able to run traditional Windows apps, only those designed for the new tiled interface formerly known as Metro, including a version of Office 2013 that comes pre-installed.

There's no word on pricing and availability for either device at this point. Microsoft and a few of its partners are set to launch their own Windows 8 and RT tablets on October 26.