Intel's new 875P Canterwood chipset brings a few improved features to the table including a faster 800MHz FSB, support of DDR400 memory, Serial ATA and a couple more things. (Articles here, here & here).

Although originally touted for workstations and servers, we are hearing major PC manufacturers will also offer Enthusiast models based on Canterwood even when the 'Springdale' chipset should be available in May for a lower price and will offer most of the same features minus those typically used in servers.

While not everyone seems to agree the new P4 is giving fastest Athlons a run for the money, it will be real CPU Wars later in the year... AMD Opterons will be released this April 22nd; a variety of slower and slightly faster Pentium 4s with HT will be released next month; P4's Prescott core will speed up things at 3.4GHz and will double L2 cache; Athlon 64s are expected in the second half of the year.