Digitimes has put up an interview with Shuttle's chairman, David Yu. Shuttle estimates that it will ship 600,000 XPCs this year, up 140% from 250,000 units in 2002, not bad for the opening market.

The computer giant IBM has posted an increase in its first quarter profits, helped by revenue growth at its consulting business.

According to IGNPC, the PC version of Enter the Matrix will ship on 6 CDs and will cost slightly more than those console versions that will only use 2 discs... how longer will it take until we start to see DVD games, I wonder?

America Online on Tuesday said it is filing five lawsuits against individuals and companies that are allegedly purveying bulk unsolicited e-mail, or spam, to its members.

CNet has posted a nice article celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the web browser. Very impressive numbers those of Netscape suddenly losing market share to the extreme of being replaced 99% by IE.