Olive Media has set out to revolutionize home music listening with the introduction of the Olive ONE multimedia device. The company has started a crowdfunded campaign over at Indiegogo to help complete the project. The only question left to answer really is, do you need something like this in your life?

To answer that, you'll likely need to know a bit more about the Olive ONE. In short, it's sort of like a tablet due to the fact that it features a 7-inch LED touchscreen but that is there the similarities end. The ONE looks more like a misshapen hockey puck or a Roomba without wheels than a traditional rectangular tablet, measuring 22.9-centimeters in diameter and 4.1-centimeters tall. Olive Media said they selected only the highest quality audio components and the finest aluminum and glass materials for ONE.

The idea of the ONE is to give you access to all of your music in one place, whether it be from your PC or Mac, smartphone or even in the cloud. While it's true that there are dozens, maybe even hundreds of networked music players and docks on the market, the project founders claim the ONE is different for a number of reasons. These include, but not limited to, audiophile sound quality, an open architecture for app developers and artists and the ability to navigate and play music on your television using Wi-Fi Miracast.

Those interested in backing the Olive ONE can show their support for a little as $10 but if you want to be one of the first to own this all-in-one music player, expect to shell out $379 for the opportunity. Do note that units aren't expected to ship until July 2013, however.