Apple and Google likely have a lot to be happy about following this year's holiday season. According to data recently released from mobile app analytics firm Flurry, the two companies combined to activate 17.4 million devices on Christmas Day. That's good for a 332 percent increase over the average number of activations in December and more than 2.5 times more than on Christmas Day a year ago.

Flurry noted that smartphone activations outpaced tablets by a four-to-one ratio leading up to Christmas Day. On December 25, however, tablet activations barely edged out new phone activations, collecting 51 percent of all mobile device activations.

Interestingly enough, Amazon's Kindle Fire HD tablet saw the largest single-day growth as activations increased by several thousand percent over the December 2012 averages.

It comes as little surprise that app downloads also increased to go along with new activations. The firm found that app downloads increased 112 percent on Christmas Day compared to the rest of the month. In total, some 328 million Android and iOS apps were downloaded.

According to data recently released from Distmo, app downloads for iPad and iPhone jumped by 87 percent on Christmas Day compared to the average for December 2012. Revenue during that same time shot up 70 percent as well. Data also shows that the iPad was a very popular gift this year as downloads and revenues increased 140 percent and 83 percent, respectively.