LG was able to beat Samsung to the punch with regards to launching a 55-inch OLED TV. The technology isn't new by any stretch of the imagination but thus far it has proven difficult to mass produce large OLED displays. But even with the milestone behind them, there's no clear road to success with OLED sets as another technology looks to be the next big thing in home entertainment.

OLED sets offer more vivid image quality and can be as thin as 4-milimeters in thickness but their high price will likely keep most consumers at bay initially. For example, LG's new 55-inch OLED TV that will be available to order later this week starts at 11 million won, or just over $10,000 each. Launch dates and pricing for other markets will be released over the next several weeks, we're told.

As Choi Sang-gyu, the head of LG's marketing division in Korea told the Wall Street Journal, it is proof of mass production. Hana Daetoo Securities analyst S.H. Chun echoed those sentiments, telling the publication that it's more for show than boosting revenue due to the extremely high price tag.

It remains to be seen whether or not OLED technology will indeed be the next big thing. With the Consumer Electronics Show set to kick off next week, most experts believe we will see a big push for ultra high-definition televisions like this 60-inch model from Sharp released late last year. That set, by the way, sells for around $31,000.