As I was running through all of my apps today to see if there were any updates to any of them, I came across a couple.

First, for all of you ASUS motherboard users out there, there is a new version of ASUS update. For those of you who don't know what this does (you should, but just in case), this app will connect to ASUS's servers to check for a new BIOS file. You can do it manually, but this automatically checks if for you. Anyways, the updater will find and install version 5.05.01. Weird thing is, if you look for the file on ASUS's site, all you find is version 5.04.01 (at least, that's all there is a link to at the moment).

Also, for those of you running a system with a A7N8X motherboard, ASUS (along with ABIT) fixed the SATA-Raid issue. You can find the file here, and pick your language.

Note: This was originally posted by Per Hansson on 4/23 in reference to a fix that ABIT was posting, but ASUS's fix doesn't seem to be getting much press, so I figured it was worth posting again. Kudos to Per Hansson for getting it first.

Note by Per: This driver comes with a big performance penalty although it does fix the data corruption problem.
Silicon Image and Nvidia are working on the final release which will be without this performance hit.