While not exactly an astonishing revelation, the decision would reinforce previous rumors that Microsoft is moving away from the big-bang Windows release cycle with a major version of the operating system every three years or so, and instead will move toward something more like what Apple does with point releases.

Foley says that the top-level branding will remain "Windows 8" when the 8.1 update arrives, and it’s unclear if Microsoft plans to charge existing Windows 8 and Windows RT customers for Blue.

In related news, a more recent build of Windows Blue was recently leaked online, offering a glimpse at another improvement planned for the update. Specifically, Microsoft will improve the search experience within Windows. Instead of separating results by category -- apps, settings, and files --  everything will be presented in a single screen so there’s no need for extra clicks unless you want to filter down your search results.

The change addresses a major annoyance of Windows 8 by making the search process simpler. In addition to that, Microsoft is also adding in-line web search results next to local results from your computer.