While we were expecting more information and screenshots to be unveiled today (NDAs lifted), looks like magazines are the only ones to get the exclusive for now, hopefully actual previews will be available online before the weekend, in the meantime our friends over at Shacknews have a round up of tidbits known so far:

- All objects in the game world are affected by the physics
- Movement speed of HL will be retained
- Drivable vehicles in both single and multiplayer
- Engine technology scales based on your system specs
- Coming out before Christmas 2003 is 'certain' (read: Sep 30th)
- The editor is called 'Hammer' and will be included, sounds like a complete development environment for maps, mods etc.
- TF2 will be using the HL2 engine, once they decided to use the HL2 engine they stopped giving information as they didn't want to blow anything relating to it. TF2 will 'arrive soon'.