YouTube is planning their first ever Comedy Week set to kick off on May 19. The event will run through May 25 and feature performances from Michael Cera, Rainn Wilson, Sarah Silverman, Seth Rogen and Vince Vaughn as well as appearances by Tim & Eric, The Onion, CollegeHumor, Epic Meal Time, Funny or Die and The Lonely Island according to a report from the Associated Press.

Comedy Week will put YouTube content front and center as it will feature live streams, curated top 10 playlists and new programming. The event is being described as having a high production value and a Woodstock type of feel.

Above all that, however, the event is designed to highlight YouTube's growing catalog of original content. The site will also be keeping a close eye on whether or not Comedy Week will keep visitors returning or if they will head off to other destinations like Netflix or Hulu instead.

In related news, Twitter is also hosting an online comedy showcase that's going on this week. The event, hosted in conjunction with Comedy Central, is taking place almost entirely on the microblogging website. Comedians are posting video clips of routines as well as short jokes using video-sharing service Vine.

There is even a recommendation algorithm that will help Twitter users find new comedians based on acts they have previously viewed. Those interested in getting in on the action can look for posts using the hashtag #ComedyFest.