Amazon on Monday confirmed the purchase of display technology division Liquavista from Samsung for an undisclosed amount of money. The Korean tech giant picked up the asset in early 2011 and it was rumored they were seeking less than $100 million for it earlier this year according to reports.

The acquisition could be a big one for Amazon as the company is no doubt looking to expand their hardware ambitions. At present, the company is the leading producer of e-readers in the world and has a range of tablets designed to compete directly with Amazon's iPad and similar slates from Google and Samsung.

Liquavista uses a technology called electrowetting to make displays that are clearer under all types of lighting conditions. What's more, the tech is able to display video without using very much power - something that could go a long way in mobile devices like e-readers, GPS devices, smartphones and cameras. A description on Liquavista's website said the tech could eventually be implemented in laptops and full-sized televisions.

In a statement on the matter, Amazon said the Liquavista team shares their passion for invention and is creating exciting new technologies with a lot of potential. It's still early on, Amazon said, but they are excited about the possibilities and look forward to working with the team to develop displays.

Timing of the acquisition is interesting, what with the recent resurgence in Amazon smartphone rumors and all. It's unclear if electrowetting could be used with a 3D display like the high-end unit the firm is reportedly working on but a second mid-range device could be a very likely target.