If it worked once, it should work again, right? That's the theory video game developer Double Fine Productions is working with as they've once again taken to Kickstarter to crowdfund their latest endeavor.

The game is called Massive Chalice and is described as a single-player turn-based feudal fantasy-themed tactical strategy game. As an immortal king or queen, gamers are tasked with uniting their kingdom under a powerful dynasty and eliminating the demonic threat. Oh, and you must reforge the massive chalice in the process.

The strategy side deals with overseeing the kingdom, conducting research, arranging royal marriages and making decisions that will ultimately determine your legacy. The tactics layer will have players fighting turn-based battles to defend the kingdom using squads of customizable characters.

It features a multi-generational strategy campaign that Double Fine says is designed for replayability. It's being built for Windows, Mac and Linux using the company's in-house 3D Buddha engine

Those interested in helping the cause can pledge just $20 for a guaranteed copy of the game when it becomes available. Reward tiers stack all the way up to $10,000 which includes an invitation to a game night with the Double Fine team in San Francisco.

As of writing, the campaign has already raised a staggering $192,000 in its first day thanks to the generosity of more than 5,200 backers. With 28 days to go, there's little doubt that Double Fine will reach their goal of $725,000 to make Massive Chalice a reality. The game has an estimated delivery date of September 2014.