The folks at Catwig have done a complete teardown of Google Glass, and, as it turns out, the device is remarkably simple, or just generally unremarkable depending on your perspective.

The hardware inside isn't anything unusual if you're familiar with smartphones; what's most interesting is the total cost of the device that Forbes came up with after comparing its hardware to other known devices: about $150-200.

Needless to say, it would be fairly outrageous for Google to sell the final product for the $1500 early-adopters paid. So what's a reasonable price for Glass? Forbes guesses they'll hit the market between $299-500.

The initial $1500 price tag was intended to limit demand for the first wave of Glass, so that only those who were most excited about the product would buy it, Google chairman Eric Schmidt told the BBC in April. More realistically speaking, it limited accessibility to those who were excited and had a lot of spare cash.

Google took a metered approach to exposing the world to Glass, and wisely avoided some of the pitfalls that plague newly developed products and lead to failed launches. Now, many outside the tech world recognize Google Glass and the hype continues to grow, Google has had an opportunity to eliminate bugs, ensuring a polished experience for new users, and society has had time to assess and get comfortable (and uncomfortable) with this innovative technology.

But the question remains, will an average person actually be willing to walk around with a piece of hardware on their head? At $299, would you join the Glass-heads?