Best Buy is recalling 5,100 replacement MacBook Pro batteries after the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission revealed 13 separate incidents in which the batteries caught fire. At least one of the fires resulted in a serious burn to a customer’s leg, we’re told.

The ATG lithium-ion batteries in question were sold from September 2008 through June 2012 and include both black and white varieties. The recall affects batteries sold online as well as those shipped to customers through the company’s Geek Squad service.

The retailer is in the process of contacting customers to inform them of the recall and offer a replacement battery or a Best Buy gift card instead. Retail value for the batteries is pegged around $50.

In the event that you’d rather not wait to check the status of your replacement, you can do so on your own simply by looking at the model number. Faulty black batteries will read MC-MBOOK13B while white variants will have MC-BOOK13W in the model number. The ATG logo should be present on both variants.

That’s valuable information as Best Buy is just one of many retailers that may have sold the batteries although as of writing, none others have come forward with a recall to the best of our knowledge. As such, if you purchased a replacement battery for your MacBook Pro at any point during the above listed dates, it would be wise to check the model number of the battery you purchased.