Much of the focus has fallen squarely on the Xbox One, Microsoft's latest innovation in the console industry. However, that's not to say that the 360 has been completely forgotten about.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Time Warner Cable (TWC) has joined forces with Microsoft to launch a TV app for the 8-year old platform. The deal will bring approximately 300 live channels to Xbox 360 users, provided that they are already TWC subscribers and have an Xbox Live Gold membership. Some of the most popular channels will include CNN, Bravo, AMC and Comedy Central.

With so many Xbox 360 consoles in the hands of prospective customers, Microsoft is hopeful that the application will catch on, considering it's free for those already paying for both Xbox Live and Time Warner Cable.

Mike Angus, the general manager and senior VP for Time Warner Cable, added, "With the tens of millions of boxes out there with our customers already, this is a pretty exciting development for us. We are responding to the customer's desire for great flexibility for all the services we're providing to them."

The Xbox 360 announcement is not the first time that Time Warner has unveiled a TV application. Earlier this year, the company launched apps for Roku's set-top boxes as well as for iOS and Android devices. The service will also be extended to Samsung SmartTVs later this summer, and should eventually find its way onto the Xbox One.

At this point in time, there are few known details about the upcoming TV app; however, there is one to take note of. The application can be voice-operated using the Xbox's Kinect sensor - now that's a nifty feature.