Rockstar on Tuesday released a gameplay trailer for Grand Theft Auto 5. We're still a few months away from the game's worldwide release but the five-minute trailer should certainly whet your appetite until the September 17 launch date rolls around.

The trailer itself is a bit different in that it plays out more like a guided tour than simply clips of the in-game action. The majority of the clip showcases the unique experience of being able to control three different protagonists at will. This appears to be incredibly advantageous during high-stakes missions or heists but it can also give players a leg-up between missions when open-world exploration is desired.

As you'll no doubt see in the embedded clip above, GTA V looks to be on another level compared to previous franchise releases. The expansive world is more reminiscent of what gamers would find in Just Cause 2, which is certainly a good thing.

Naturally, a map of this size needs a ton of things to do for those with short attention spans and luckily, RockStar delivers. There are vehicles to customize, planes to fly, wardrobes to coordinate, sports like tennis and golf to play, animals to spot, hunt and be hunted by and for the first time, oceans to explore.

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been confirmed for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 but as of writing, no word yet if it's destined for the PC. A recent job listing for a graphic programmer as well as the mention of working with skilled developers on next generation games, however, hints that we could see the title show up on PC and next generation consoles at some point.