Keeping pace with the cutting edge of technology is an expensive affair but for some of us, it's a necessary evil. That's especially true when a new standard is on the horizon, like 4K Ultra HD televisions, for example. It's destined to become the next big thing in a few years but if you want to play now, be prepared to shell out a lot of money to do so.

That's all about to change, however, as a Chinese manufacturer by the name of TCL (The Creative Line) is planning to bring a 50-inch 4K Ultra HDTV to the US for just $999. I think the Staples commercial says it best.

Michelle Mao, president of TCL USA, said their mission is to deliver high quality HDTVs with advanced technologies and premium design at an aggressive price to establish the TCL brand in the US. Mao further pointed out that as other brands see the introduction of 4K as an opportunity to make large margins, they see it as an opportunity to demonstrate to US consumers the combination of technology and value they've been delivering to other parts of the world for 30 years.

Naturally, there's got to be more than meets the eye here. Gizmodo suggests the TV is cheaper in part because it doesn't come loaded with a ton of branded certifications like THX or any smart connected TV features. That's perfectly fine by me (and probably many others) so long as the picture quality is up to snuff once properly calibrated.

TCL's 50-incher is expected to arrive on US shores this September.